Salem College Exhibition Liminal/Subliminal Images Opening November 20, 2015

“Dancing on the Boundary between Liminal/Subliminal Images: From Mark Making to Picture Composing with Geometric Forms”
November 20, 2015-February 7, 2016

Artists:  Cynthia Bickley-Green, Mark Dagley, Scott Eagle, Barbara Frank,  Harriet Hoover, Marvin Liberman, David Modler,  Sam Peck,  Robert Quinn, Renee Sandell, Rosemary Wright .

A survey of abstract and representational images that explore art-making processes and investigate the threshold between subliminal and liminal imagery/the space in between. These creative processes include stream of consciousness mark making; surrealist automatism; dream images experienced just before sleep (hypnagogic) or upon awakening (hypnopompic); and representation of subconscious order of geometric or biomorphic forms. Many of the artists describe their creative process as beginning with an idea/sketch/mark that grows through iterations into an elaborate composition. An essay by Rosemary Wright accompanies the exhibition.